Benched :( So Let’s Have a Give-Away!

5 12 2012

Hi all! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  I sure did🙂

Even though I have completed my running goal for the year I want to beat it and exceed it, baby! Unfortunately, I have been benched by viral bronchitis.  Boo!😦  This lovely virus make wreak havoc on my body for up to 30 days.  30 days?! That means little to no running/working out.

Not only can I not run, I can FEEL the muscles in my body waging war against the fat cells.  I think the fat cells are losing because it sure seems like my body is already softer (for lack of a better word).  Actually, I just did a mirror check and I can see there is less muscle. I am TOTES bummed. It took an entire year for that muscle to ‘grow’.  I know it will return but I’m panicky.

Voice in my head:  “All right, Lisa…talk yourself down from the ledge.  You were giving yourself another whole year to achieve a fitter body.  There is no deadline, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…what do we do, we swim, swim, swim….”.  Sorry, I went all Nemo on y’all.  :)

Dory from

Dory from “Finding Nemo” Perez Hilton

My appetite has been nonexistent this past week.  Mostly my diet has consisted of chicken noodle soup, green tea, water and coffee.  I’m definitely not consuming fatty foods…sigh…

I cannot wait for the war to resume when my muscle cells will beat down the fat cells…. KABOOM!

Anyways, let’s turn positive here and have a GIVEAWAY! WOOT WOOT!

Ever tried Lock Laces?  I love ’em!  The people at Lock Laces were generous enough to provide samples of their hot pink Lock Laces for me to review and giveaway.  So here we go:

Thrilled to receive their package, I quickly grabbed a set to use with my running shoes.  But when it came to removing my laces, I stopped.  How could I remove my Sweat Pink laces???  I was honored to be named a Sweat Pink Ambassador, wear the pink laces and encourage other women on their fitness journeys.

Ever the upcycler, I removed the laces, thinking, I’ll wash them and use them as a lanyard or something cute🙂

Okay, onto the review!  I LOVE the Lock Laces.  What can I say, they are easy to install (see directions below), can be used in a variety of shoes and you can easily kick on or kick off your shoes.   As a mom, I could not recommend anything better for kids.  So quick and easy.  So who wants some hot pink Lock Laces???

Tweet me @kndrgrtncrush and tell me you want to “#RockTheLock” and follow @LockLaces on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.🙂 Get ’em while they’re HOT!

Hot pink Lock Laces, ready to give away!

Hot pink Lock Laces, ready to give away!

Just remove from package...

Just remove from package…

Remove old laces, then thread Lock Laces...

Remove old laces, then thread Lock Laces…

Insert Lock Laces through locking device...

Insert Lock Laces through locking device…

Trim Lock Laces so they're not too long...

Trim Lock Laces so they’re not too long…

...and tuck under!

…and tuck under!

Sorry about the long list of pics, I couldn’t get WordPress to cooperate!!!




2 responses

5 12 2012

Nice giveaway! Following you and LockLaces on Twitter!🙂 I also tweeted #RockTheLaces!

7 12 2012

Awesome! Thanks Mariajose!🙂

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