When I run, I channel Phoebe Buffay :)

23 06 2012

Ever fear what you look like when you run?  Limbs flailing, jiggles jiggling, panting and sweaty? Try as I might, I just know that I’ve somehow channeled Phoebe Buffay.  The harder I try to look like a “real runner”, the worse I look. LOL  It doesn’t help that when I finish my run, I look like the “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” character after she selfishly grabs the gum that inevitably turns her Violet…Violet.

So really, I’m a purple Phoebe Buffay.  Great.

Eh, who cares! Aside from what I look like, this year I have chosen what seems to be a steep goal: to run 720 miles.  I fell off the wagon a few years ago when my parents health took a turn for the worse, then, turning 40 made it pretty damn loud and clear that if I wanted to be fit, I’d have to run my ass off….literally.

Happily, I can report I have stayed true to my goal and have now run 375 miles.  Most of the time, the running has gone pretty well. About a month ago, I hit a wall…actually, it seemed more like a black hole of despair. Although I refuse to weigh myself (since I haven’t lost a single pound…not one…nope…nada….sigh), I have lost inches and FINALLY, gained muscle.  Its been a mind game, telling myself over and over that it’s not about pounds lost, it’s about being FIT.

And it is.  Keep working out, friends.  No matter what.  Don’t set goals too high, don’t idolize a singer or actress.  Instead, be you.  Beautiful you.  Embrace your you-ness and work out for your health, not your appearance.  <3🙂



3 responses

24 06 2012

thanks for the Likes today! I truly appreciate it L-Jay Health, lesleycarter and joyintheday!🙂

6 07 2012

You are too funny. 🙂 Nice blog, Girly!

6 07 2012

Thanks Kelly🙂

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